October 20, 2013

The Gift of the Sacred Heart

"Therefore we want always to be open to receive the love which our Redeemer seeks to give to the world in the Holy Spirit. Our response to him is the life we live, which seeks him above all." From our Constitutions #105

These words from our constitutions are a reflection of our devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and our spirituality which is to look upon Him whom we have pierced. Our charism is to make His merciful love visible. During our time of Visitation with our superiors here in Tulsa, our Bishop, Bishop Edward Slattery, came for Holy Mass. He gave a beautiful homily on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He said there are three important things to remember about the Sacred Heart: 1) The Sacred Heart is a gift given to us by God for us to receive. 2) The Sacred Heart is our gift returned

It also states in our constitutions that "Our personal union with Christ is what makes possible our sharing in his humility. Our consecration, with him, to the Father is for the salvation of the world."

May each of us strive to draw closer to the heart of Christ, and go forth from His heart to proclaim His merciful love to all the world. 
to God. We are not able to give a good and pure gift to the Father without going through the heart of His Son. And finally, 3) The Sacred Heart is the gift that God gives to the world through the Church. It is His gift to the Church and the Church gives that gift to the world through the sacraments and through each of us as daughters and sons of the Church.

- The Sisters at St. George Convent, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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