December 4, 2013

How does He speak to you?

I love sunsets.  I always have.  Tonight I turned around and looked out my office window.  This is what I saw. 
Now, a picture does not do it justice, especially one taken from behind the window.  So, I took a few shots. 

Also, one that is close up.  It shows something a bit different.
How does God speak to you?  Through the beauty of a sunset?  My response was, "Wow!  Glory to God!  Thank you!  It's beautiful."  
It's His way of saying to me, "I'm here. This is for you.  My Heart beats for you."

We are in day 4 of Week 1 of Advent.  How has it been for you?  Are you meeting Him in the silence?  Have you encountered Jesus?  Look around you.  Be attentive.  He is there, speaking to you.
Even in a sunset.  How glorious a gift He gives!

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C. LaSalle said...

Sister, thank you for sharing the photos, they are beautiful.

God speaks to me in nature and in the people he places in my life. I find him most fully in the people I serve who have HIV.