April 15, 2014

If you knew the gift

These next few days some of the novices will share about a Lenten grace they have received.              
               What echoes in my mind this Passion Sunday is, “if you knew the gift” (John 4:10) which Jesus spoke to the woman at the well.  If I only knew the gift.  Like the woman I thought I could grasp what Jesus had in store, but I now find myself in awe.

                This Lent God has opened my heart to see, ever more than before, the depth of His spousal love for me, His abandonment to my yes.  In short, the Gift He wishes to offer, His very Heart, He offers to me, awaiting my response, the abandonment of my ways, my fears.  Then, upon consuming Him in the Eucharist, He may consume me so that we may become one flesh.  He has shown me His Gift, so that I can be completely given.

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