October 8, 2014

Witnessing to the Merciful Love of Christ

Seventy-five Sisters were in town over the weekend.  Why all the fuss?  On Saturday, we celebrated the Feast of Saint Francis, the founder of the Franciscan order and patron of our religious community.  Then on Sunday, we gathered for another joyful occasion: the Diamond Jubilee (60 years of profession) of Sister M. Julia Kuropka and my Silver Jubilee (25 years in the convent).

Jubilees are a time to thank God for the gift of one’s vocation, to thank Him for his love, mercy, and faithfulness, and for the grace of perseverance.  The spiritual highlight of the day was of course the Mass with scripture readings that focused on a covenantal relationship with the Lord.  The remainder of the day had a wonderful mix of prayer, fun, and fellowship with my Sisters in community.  There was lots of food and the delight of opening presents.  Sister M. Julia was “Queen for the Day” and I was the “Princess”, but it was all about remembering that we are servants of Christ the King.  

By Sister M. Elena, FSGM

See more pictures from the Jubilee Celebration.

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