March 8, 2015

Beyond All Fear

I was sent to Mother of Good Counsel Nursing Home in St. Louis, MO for my first five weeks of mission. I had never cared for the elderly and had some anxiety about what my mission would entail. I did a variety of things from yard-work and answering phones to blessing the residents at night. In surrendering my anxiety to Jesus, He was able to work great things through me. Even in such a small thing as smiling, I was able to bring Christ’s merciful love to others.

The rest of my mission I spent in Alton, IL at our provincial house.  I worked as a pharmacist in the hospital. Much of my work was hidden as I didn’t often leave the pharmacy. I didn’t experience my poverty in lack of knowledge, but in not seeing the fruit of my work, feeling I had very little spiritual impact. Recognition and acceptance of my personal poverty was deepened as I surrendered to Christ my plans and desires. I worked with Christ not to accomplish great things, but to do all things in His merciful love. As I return now to the Novitiate, I have a greater peace and joy in being able to give my all to Jesus as I prepare for vows. He wants all of me, especially my weaknesses and personal poverty.

- Sister M. Annuntiata, FSGM

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