March 15, 2015

Mission Inspiration

            Serving at the Apostolic Nunciature for my mission was a privilege.  There it is the Vatican Embassy and the Pope’s representative to America whom we serve but, more simply, we serve our brothers and sisters in Christ in some of their most fundamental human needs.  To perform the works of mercy such as clothing the naked and feeding the hungry is always an honor and a joy.  In my six months there I mainly worked in the kitchen, helping to prepare, set up for, and clean up from all the meals for the Papal Nuncio, the priests and religious who assist him, and all the lay people who work in the house in various capacities.  I personally always enjoy opportunities to serve people in such a way, and find it an easy way to share the merciful love of Christ with them, so this experience was a gift to me!

            I am also grateful for all the ways in which I was edified and inspired by those around me.  The Nuncio and the priests were an amazing witness of fidelity to prayer and love for the Church – even in trying times.  The lay people who work around the house with us were always joyful and so happy to be able to humbly serve the Church in their own way – whether washing dishes, caring for the garden, or mopping the floors.  The other Sisters from our community there showed me what it means to make the merciful love of Christ visible through being attentive to small details or doing extra things to make someone else’s day more joyful.  Each of these people in their own way helped me to learn more about Christ’s love.  Overall, the most powerful lesson I learned is to allow the Lord to be the source of all my Love and joy, so I can fulfill any mission He gives me!  

- Sister M. Veritas, FSGM

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