April 7, 2015

All Shall be Well

Victor Hugo once said that "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."  As we enter the Easter Season, we "wait in joyful hope" for the proclamation of our salvation at the Easter Vigil in the beautiful chant, "The Exsultet" which literally means...EXULT!  Christ's glorious resurrection is the pinnacle of our faith, so this Good News is the summit of that of "which it is impossible to be silent!"  How could we ever express in mere words that which we experience in the victory Christ won for us?  

The wisdom of Holy Mother Church has taught us the importance of song in our celebration and praise to raise the poverty of our words from the depths of our hearts to the heights of the heavens.  ALLELUIA (praise the Lord) is never far from our lips this time of year and dances across the pages of our hymnals and song sheets to be lifted to the Risen Lord.  A more modern song that has special connotations for it "really being Easter in Alton" for our Sisters is "All Shall be Well."  The simple tune of the melody recollects most in our community to the splendor of our celebration of the triumph of life over death.  Blessed Easter! 

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Sr. Ann Marie said...

A blessed Easter season from your sisters in Aston!