April 15, 2015

Let the Children Come to Me

As Sisters teaching at St. Catherine School in Tulsa, OK each day we try to follow the example of our foundress, Mother M. Anselma, in making Christ’s merciful love visible.  At our school we have about 110 students Preschool-8th grade.  We are blessed to have four Sisters: Sister M. Margaret- 4th grade, Sister M. Vianney- 2nd grade, Sister Maria Cordis 1st grade, and Sr. M. Faustina- Art and 6th grade Religion.

Being Sisters who teach, we get asked a lot by people who don’t know us if Sisters still use rulers to discipline children (we don’t).  Since many Catholic schools today do not have the privilege of having Sisters, I have decided to give you an idea of what it is really like to have Sisters for teachers.  The four of us each surveyed our students with the question:

What do you like best about having Sisters for teachers?

They are nice and sweet and are good at teaching kids.
Parker, 6th Grade

We get to learn about God and have someone to talk to when we are having trouble.
Madalene, 6th Grade

I love Sisters because they are all so kind, fun, helpful and patient.
Mikaila, 6th Grade

They know more about Jesus.
Rose, 6th grade

They are always able to use God in every situation.
Jude, 6th grade

They teach us things that are very amazing about God.
Ben, 6th grade

They also have time to talk about how they got to be Sisters.
Stephanie, 6th grade

They teach us about God and how to use manners!
Bella, 4th Grade

They are very nice and teach us a lot about Religion.
Jackson, 4th Grade

They are fun and amazing Sisters.
Helena, 4th Grade

The Sisters we have at our school know so much about religion and are so helpful and generous.
Grant, 4th Grade

My Sister is so sweet and teaches me new things.
Rylei, 4th Grade

They are holy and nice.
Hank, 2nd grade

They make me smart.
Carlyle, 2nd grade

We pray more.  Maddox, 2nd grade

I like how Sr. M. Vianney brings us to Church to pray.
Bella, 2nd grade

They are very nice.
Mara, 2nd grade

You learn more about Religion.
Anthony, 2nd grade

I like working with Sisters.
Jonas, 1st grade

They help us learn.
JR, 1st grade

Sisters teach us about Jesus.
Andreana, 1st grade

They are really fun.
Heidi, 1st grade

Sister teaches about cool things.
Keith, 1st grade

They love God and the kids.  The kids love the Sisters.
Madison, 1st grade

As you can see, it is a joy for us to share in the mission of Mother M. Anselma and teach the wonderful children at our school.

-Sister M. Vianney, FSGM

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Bill Vavrik said...

We miss you in Champaign. Keep up the good work