April 6, 2015

Planting Seeds of Love

On Sunday, March 22, Sr. M. Consolata arrived at St. George Convent in Tulsa, OK. The 4 Sisters in Tulsa were happy to have company, and looking forward to sharing in some vocation ventures with Sr. M. Consolata. The weather was perfect in sunny Oklahoma, and the Sisters happened to be on Spring Break. We began early Monday morning with Mass at our local St. Mary Church. After that we had breakfast in our cars while awaiting our visit with students at Bishop Kelly High School in Tulsa. Fr. O'Brien, the high school's president, greeted us with excitement and led us into the school hallways where ALL of the students would be passing through on their way to their first class. The students were happy to see Sisters and were very friendly and welcoming. Some students know the Sisters from St. Catherine School. Sr. Maria Cordis even taught some of them when they were in 1st grade! After the first class period began we proceeded to the Theology classes to share about our vocations. Some of the classes were actually vocation classes with seniors. We had a chance to share our vocation stories and what it is like to be a Franciscan Sister of the Martyr St. George. A common "thread" that each of us shared was being drawn by the joy of our Sisters as well as to our Charism which is to make Christ's merciful love visible. The students had many good questions for us. Fr. O'Brien thanked us for planting seeds in the hearts of the students. We encouraged the students to be open to building a relationship with Jesus and being open to the call and plan He has for each of them. 

Sr. M. Consolata had a chance to meet one on one with students both at Bishop Kelley and at the University of Tulsa (TU). In the evening we all met Sr. M. Consolata at TU. She gave an inspired talk to both the young men and women of the University. Again, the focus was much on building a relationship with Jesus which is the best "stepping stone" to discerning one's vocation. We were all able to enjoy pasta with the students and then participated in a bible study led by some FOCUS Missionaries. It was a very prayerful and reflective time leading into Adoration and ending with Benediction.  On the next day, Tuesday, March 23, we joined the TU students on campus for their weekly Tuesday lunch. It was nice to have the time to just be with the students, talk, and enjoy a meal. They do not have a lot of exposure to Sisters, and so this was a good opportunity to plant seeds and help them to understand religious vocations.

We all enjoyed our time together and with the students at BK and TU, and God willing, there will be some young people who respond to God's call of love through the priesthood or religious life. 

-Sister M. Margaret, FSGM

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