April 25, 2015

“Were not our hearts burning within us . . . " Luke 24:32

Last week one of our Junior Professed Sisters, Sister M. Gemma, was talking about what she wanted to write for the blog, and said that she was going to reflect on Renewal of Vows.  I kiddingly said, “I’m going to do that, too!”  This was only funny because I am in Final Profession, and have been, for almost 15 years.  Well, I decided to do just that . . .

The Renewal of Vows of our Junior Professed Sisters, on the Feast of Divine Mercy, was a beautiful day of renewal for me!  I have had the privilege of living with five of our Junior Professed Sisters at St. Clare Convent in Steubenville.  As each of these Sisters recited their vow formula, I joined the other Sisters in interceding for her.  I asked the Lord to lavish His graces on each one, especially the areas they most need Him.  As I saw them all kneeling and giving their lives to the disposal of our religious Congregation, I reflected on the promise that we say to our postulants on the day of their Reception, “we will pray and work with you, and we will always be there when you need us.”  This was a good time to examine what I have done to support each sister.  Have I really done what I have promised?  Am I a source of renewal or destruction? 

It has been such a grace to be able to see how beautifully the Lord is working in the hearts of so many Sisters.  They each reflect the Merciful Love of Christ in their own unique way.  Things would get so boring if we all did it the same way!  Renewal of Vows was an opportunity to reflect on my own promise of “forever” . . . of my own desire to make the Merciful Love of Christ Visible!   

On our 10 hour trip back to Steubenville, from Alton, two of the Junior Professed and I spoke about the Lord for at least 6 of those!  It was like “walking on the road to Emmaus”.  Our hearts, “were BURNING within us!”  Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of my Sisters, and for your Merciful Love!

Sister M. Rosalinda, FSGM

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