June 18, 2015

The Joy of my Heart

O my soul what joy is this that thou do’st feel?

What song is this that my heart sings?

For low look and see the bridegroom comes for me at dawn!

Arrayed in splendor bright!

O my heart fling wide the doors that lead to thy dwelling place.

There let the Bridegroom and the bride abide for ever more!

Who is this the Bridegroom who comes for me at dawn?

Look at the sky and see His star arises in the East.

Come behold Him lying in the hay.

A manger for His cradle,

A stable for His home.

A tiny baby humble and yet King of all.

Now look and see this tiny babe grow up and become a man.

Behold He preaches His Father’s Word,

And does His Father’s Will.

See Him now upon the Cross,

The Bridegroom of my soul.

A crown of thorns upon His head,

His heart pierced by a lance.

Now behold Him in His glory,

Arrayed in dazzling white.

This is He my Bridegroom with whom I shall abide!

- Sr. M. Eucharia Lyon, FSGM

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