June 23, 2015

You are Created for Greatness!

Do you remember the parable of the mustard seed? It is often used in reference to faith and how it begins as the tiniest of seeds but will become the largest of plants, which will hold much upon its branches as it continues to grow. During this summer Sister M. Bernadette and I shared that gift of faith as we led a vacation bible summer camp in Seneca, Illinois. What a joy it was! Our theme was, “You are created for greatness!” Every single person is just like that mustard seed. You are made for more, for greatness! During the week we, of course, played many games and sang songs, but also learned about the various covenants that the Lord made with His people. In each covenant is shown the foreshadowing of Jesus and the new covenant that He gives us. So that we might be restored to that fullness of life, which He first gave us in the Garden of Eden and makes new upon the Cross. We are like those mustard seeds, placed in the soil of God’s merciful love so that all may eat of its fruits. May you share with others the glory of God by allowing Him to use you to reveal the greatness we are all created for!
- Sister M. Caterina, FSGM

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