December 21, 2015

Live like you are dying

He is coming.

There is a song that has a line "Someday, I hope you get the chance to live like you were dying." It's a short, popular, funny sort of song, but the reality can be incredibly profound.

We are granted one life, filled with experiences that are pleasant - or not; we do not know how long it will last; we do not know when the last moment will come. And we are given the choice: shall I live it with love - or hate? With gratitude - or bitterness? How shall this day be spent? It could be my last - shall I end what may be my last day with a smile or a complaint?

That, to me is what Advent is - a reminder to live like I am dying. To make certain that, should the Lord return tonight, I can hand him a day (and a life) in which I chose to live in love for Him and for people.

It's all in personal freedom; circumstances only provide the grist, my will, my choice makes the statement.

- Sister M. Luka, FSGM

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