December 15, 2015

“May the Passion of Jesus Christ be Always in our Hearts!”

          As the Season of Advent approached, I asked the Lord how He desired to draw me to Himself. My thoughts turned to contemplation of Our Lady, as she spent this time in expectation of her son, and Messiah. Much to my surprise the Lord then placed His cross before my eyes, as if to say that He wishes to prepare me for His coming by drawing me to the Cross. In my human weakness, I wanted to cling to the idea of spending Advent with our Lady. It sounded safer, easier, more consoling. The Lord gave me to realize that what better way to be prepared for His coming at Christmas, than to enter into the Mystery in which He comes to us every day! The Paschal Mystery, which is made present at Mass. Entering into His death, we are drawn into His birth. Entering into His death, we find ourselves made new, born again. So may the Lord find in us a dwelling place, swept clean by His Precious Body and Blood. May He find in us new wineskins (Mt. 9:17), ready to receive Him when He comes. Come, Lord Jesus! Come, O Eternal Word, and be born in our hearts!

- Sister M. Gemma, FSGM

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