December 6, 2015

"Not by appearance shall He judge..."

A few thoughts from Sister M. Jacoba...

This morning at Mass Father told us in his homily that the 2nd graders had First Confession last night.  One little girl that came to him, before she did anything, first had to show Father her new dress, then her new shoes and then her new socks that had lace on the top.  Only then was she ready to go to confession.

She had prepared well in appearance to meet her merciful Jesus in confession.  And yet to all of us Isaiah says "Not by appearance shall He judge...".  Father concluded by saying that it was not our appearance but our attitude that He will judge.  So...are we ready to be judged?  Or do we need an attitude adjustment?


What is this terrible yet joyous longing that I feel?  It is Advent, a time of longing.  But what is this gnawing, this deep desire I feel in my heart?  That Advent sky of deep pink and red against the dark makes my heart long...but for what?  Or rather, for Whom?  Lord, I long for You with all my heart and desire only You.  Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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