December 16, 2015

The courage to need a Savior

“God indeed is my salvation;
I am confident and unafraid.
For the LORD is my strength and my might,
and he has been my salvation.” Isaiah 12:2

Mary would have been very familiar with the Psalms and I can imagine her praying these words as she traveled in hast to visit her cousin Elizabeth. I am sure it would not have been an easy journey, but Mary’s faith in God sustained her. Mary had the privilege of carrying her salvation in her womb. I can just picture her praying these words with a hand on her stomach in utter awe of the mystery within her. In reflecting on this I thought “Wait a minute, I get to do like the same thing!” Every day my savior comes to me, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. He comes to dwell in me, that I might take Him in haste to others also. As I go I too should have the confidence that Mary had because Her Son dwells in me as well.

Mary knew more than anyone else that she needed a Savior, even though she was sinless. This Advent I have been reflecting a lot on how we must realize our need for a Savior if we want to rejoice in being saved. If we stop crying out to Him “Lord, save me” then we can never cry out with Mary “my soul magnifies the Lord.” It is only by realizing how much we need Him, that we can become confident and unafraid, just like Mary.

May we all finish this Advent in joyful gratitude for the God Who comes to save us by making His dwelling not only among us, but also in us.

May the Lord give us His peace and fill us with His mercy!

- Sister M. Xavier, FSGM

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