December 22, 2015

Waiting in Joyful Expectation

My sister recently had a baby, a beautiful little girl; and I was reminded that the expectation of pregnancy can teach us so much about preparing for Christmas. The baby’s room is prepared and decorated. Parties are thrown beforehand and gifts given for the new baby and the baby's parents.  This one little person is the largest part of the new parents’ lives. 

For my sister, the experience was added to by the fact that the little dear was six days late. Each day the baby waited to come added to my sister’s sense of expectation. I’m sure she could have written her own version of the “O antiphons” although they may have been more along the lines of “Oh my belly is sore” and "Oh none of my clothes fit”. She couldn’t make any plans, not knowing when the baby would come. The house was ready with newborn clothes, diapers and other accessories waiting. Her whole life was one of waiting, on the verge of this great event but not yet there. It is like holding a breath and waiting for the right moment to release it. 

It reminds me of the many ways that our Lord described how we must be awake and ready, keeping our lamps burning for the unknown moment when the Lord is coming. So, no matter what your state in life is, we are each called to give birth to Christ so that he can be seen in each of our lives. Today with every decoration you put up, every Christmas cookie you make, you are preparing for the newborn child who is living inside your heart, who is just waiting to be born anew in your life.

- Sister M. Judith, FSGM

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