February 26, 2016

I Love the Stations!

One of the beautiful things about being Franciscan is our traditional devotion to the Passion of Christ. With that comes the devotion of the Stations of the Cross. We pray them regularly throughout the year, the month, the week! I always get excited when the rest of the Church joins us in this practice throughout the season of Lent.

I had to smile at my students this past Friday as a discussion waged shortly before our school Stations of the Cross. How long do they take? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? The questions circled the classroom. As I answered each one, and reminded them about the protocol for praying them together as a group, one boy piped up from the back. 

"I love Stations of the Cross!"

Me too.

The joy on his face as he announced this proclamation caught some of the other third graders attention as well, and started a whole wave of agreement. There is something about traveling those last hours with our Lord that speaks volumes. It's living the story in a more intimate way, and understanding the sacrifice, that makes my sacrifice seem so paltry at times. It helps me to see and understand just how he loved!

I'll meet my Lord at the cross.

 - Sister Mary George, FSGM

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Sr. Christina M. Neumann said...

I also value the Stations of the Cross. They are a beautiful prayer. Thanks for sharing!