March 14, 2016


In Spe Salvi, Pope Benedict wrote of the Last Judgment as the school of hope. Jesus' return stands as the defining moment of history and of our individual histories. His return makes my life make sense.

In this time of Lent, it seems right to "stand under judgment." Not judgment for condemnation, but judgment for mercy, for forgiveness, for conversion of life, for satisfaction for sin. In the moment that I stand before Christ as my judge, while still on the way, I see what makes each moment most important; I see what to strive for. In that moment, life becomes real. 

If God will judge the intentions of my heart, then I must examine the intention of my heart in this moment. If He will see every detail of every action and evaluate it in its holiness, truth and love, then I must examine my actions and work to bring them into greater holiness, deeper truth and more authentic love.

His love, His grace, will purify and mend all the weakness and failure, but I must cooperate. In this life, we have the opportunity to repent, amend, grow and repair. That is the call of Lent.

- Sister M. Luka, FSGM

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