March 18, 2016

On the edge

Most High, glorious God,
enlighten the darkness of my heart.
~St Francis of Assisi

As we drove to Mass the other morning, I could not help but notice the amazing, beautiful sunrise. As someone who loves the color purple, it is always my favorite part. This particular morning I noticed something I had never noticed before. The purple was most vivid at a particular point, when the light of the Sun first touched the darkness of night. As lent was fast approaching, it got me thinking. We clothe the season in purple, a symbol of penance and sacrifice, but for me on this particular morning it took on a new meaning. This season is about allowing the light of Christ to touch the places in me, in my life, that have become darkened by sin and negligence. More than just clearing out, it is also a letting in, a gradual encounter.  Eventually we will be completely consumed by the light, ready to celebrate the joyful brilliance of the Easer Resurrection.

- Sister Mary Francis, FSGM

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