March 20, 2016

Overwhelmed by Mercy

Overwhelmed by Mercy
as You reach out,
reveal the Door.

Lord, You never stop reaching for us
You never stop longing for us.
Looking back,
I recall the Great Jubilee.
I walked through those doors in Rome
but my heart wasn't there for You.
Then, much more a tourist than a pilgrim.

This time, I awaited eagerly
on our own campus
for the Door of Mercy to open here
grateful for the wonders You've worked in my heart
and those of many others
in the intervening years.
You call us still, You love us still.
Nothing we earned. Total Gift. Pouring from Your side.

After the Mass
we awaited to process out
to the chapel with the Door of Mercy.
As one row after another emptied
my heart realized with awe and joy
that this is what could be happening
in purgatory this year...
purgatory emptying
souls who long for You
finally arriving home
the fruit of Your blood, Your love
and the graces for which You ask us to beg.

Lord, I'm overwhelmed by Mercy.
- Sister M. Lucy, FSGM

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