March 10, 2016


Blessed (middle) beginning of Lent! May this be a time a prayer and growth for you. Some of you may have dreams of giving up coffee, while the rest of your family is desperately hoping you won’t or you may be planning to give up that one dessert that you don’t like anyway, or you are somewhere between these two extremes, but remember that Lent is about YOUR relationship with God. Not about ignoring Lenten fasting and penance altogether or about making everyone else around you suffer. The three goals we are given is PRAYER, FASTING and ALMS GIVING. Your Lent should be balanced with all three. It is even possible to occasionally put all three together. Maybe get a plain coffee instead of the Carmel Latte you love and use the extra money to buy a meal for someone else, while you pray for that person…that will touch your heart and someone else’s. When we truly put our faith into practice, it becomes very real and tangible to us, this helps us, but it also helps the people around us as well. This Lent take the challenge to take your faith seriously and also make it tangible in your life so it can be a witness to others. 

- Sister M. Judith, FSGM

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