September 11, 2016

St. Teresa of Calcutta: Better than a Beanie Baby

St. Teresa of Calcutta is the patron saint of our Sister Teresa Maria.  Here she reflects on the canonization of her patroness and how she came to know and love the Church's newest saint.

Saint Mother Teresa, pray for us! This is a prayer I have been looking forward to for almost 20 years. Mother Teresa captured my heart when I was a little girl. I do not remember what it was that attracted me to her or caused a seven year old girl to be so attentive to a nun halfway across the world, but I was truly captivated. I had a “Mother Teresa box” where I would collect newspaper articles and pictures of my hero. I remember grieving her death and not understanding why Princess Diana’s death was receiving different attention. Their deaths coincided with the “Beanie Baby craze” and Princess Diana had a Beanie Bear created in her honor. I naturally was waiting for the Mother Teresa version. I remember feeling confused when my father told me my desired Beanie Baby would not be coming. “But, why,” I asked.  Dad said that Mother Teresa would not want one. This was hard for me to understand because I wanted a Mother Teresa bear! Religious poverty and simplicity was a little above my young mind.  I have since grown up and now share her name. I believe that God placed a special love for Mother Teresa in my heart because He would use her to lead me to my vocation. When I was discerning
my vocation I begged Mother Teresa’s intercession constantly. I asked her to take me by the hand and lead me to where Jesus wanted me. She has not let go of my hand. I am very aware of her presence and will hear her speaking to my heart reminding me that I “am precious to Jesus.”

I give thanks to God for the witness of Mother Teresa’s holiness and capacity to love. Her love for Jesus was the motivation behind every act of love she gave to the poorest of the poor. May she intercede for each of us that we may be not afraid to seek out the poor and forgotten in our lives. May we, like Mother Teresa, seek to quench the thirst of Jesus in loving everyone we encounter.  

- Sister Teresa Maria, FSGM


Anonymous said...

Beautiful and amusing reflection. St Teresa will surely continue to inspire you in your vocation.God bless you sister! What ministry are you doing?

1 Franciscan Way said...

Sister Teresa Maria is currently studying history and secondary education at Franciscan University.