May 3, 2017

Change a life with a smile...

We continue our mission reflection series with some thoughts from Sr. M. Philomena who served at the Mother of Good Counsel Home in St. Louis.

Sr. M. Philomena with her family at her reception into the Novitiate.

These past six months I was on mission at our Mother of Good Counsel Home in St. Louis. I was part of the activity staff. We would play bingo, make cards, have sing alongs, watch movies, and have potlucks and other activities with the residents. They always looked forward to the activities, especially bingo. When it was bingo day some residents would come a few minutes early, go to their favorite spot, and count their bingo chips to make sure they had enough. Their prizes if they won were candy, money or chips. Chocolate Hershey bars were a must have in our prize bucket. What also made bingo fun was that certain numbers had little sayings after it that the residents would say like “get your kicks on route 66” when 66 was called or “double nickel” for 55. I also had the blessing to give the Holy Eucharist to our residents who were not able to attend Mass. One resident kissed the Eucharist before receiving Him which was very touching. Some nights, before they would go to bed I would give them a blessing.

I learned that when you do your apostolate with humility, love, and with a smile it can change the lives of the people around you. It can give comfort to a family who just lost a loved one or give encouragement to a person going through a tough situation. The Home is a place where you can encounter Christ each day. I was able to encounter Him through my conversations with the beautiful and joyful staff, our ever grateful residents and their families, and by living our Thuine Franciscan charism with my co-Sisters. The Mother of Good Counsel Home is truly a home where the presence of God can be felt and seen.

I want to thank my co-Sisters, staff, and residents at the Home who welcomed me with open arms and showed me the beauty of the Body of Christ, His Church.

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