May 5, 2017

Open to the little things...

Sr. Mary Joseph's mission reflection from her time at Bonacum House in Lincoln, NE concludes the reflections of our second year novice mission experiences.  Please pray for our sisters as they continue to prepare for their first profession of vows.

The last six months, I have had the privilege to be on mission at Bonacum House in Lincoln, Nebraska. Bonacum House is a retirement home for the priests of the diocese of Lincoln with our sisters running it. While my daily duties were that of a housekeeper, it was really the presence and witness of the Sisters as spiritual mothers that was the primary apostolate. 

I was daily reminded that it is through our encounters with one another that we are able to meet Christ.  I realized this doing laps around the house with one of the priests one day. While it was a simple experience, I was reminded of the importance of being present in the moment. In our world today, people often don’t even look at each other when walking by.  They ask how you are doing but then do not stop to really listen to the answer. However, it is when we stop and listen to each other that we have a chance to encounter Christ, and I was reminded of this time and time again being at Bonacum House. So many times we are looking for the big things to do when it is often in the little things that the Holy Spirit often works. We simply have to be open to the Spirit working in our lives and respond in trust that He is guiding us for it is through having that receptive heart that we can encounter Christ. 

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