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Are You Ready?

It's Christmas Eve. You're probably running around getting ready for tonight and tomorrow. So are we. Sisters are preparing the chapel, cleaning the convent, baking bread, and decorating the refectory (our dining room). Last minute shopping, buying food, cleaning your house, visiting with family and friends. How are you getting ready for Christmas? Yet, what are you and what are we "getting ready" for? Have you stopped to ponder this? What is motivating you to give gifts, buy food, clean your house, and visit with family? Are you ready for the coming of Christ to visit you? We look at empty cribs with Mary and Joseph near by. Who is coming? Like the empty manger, is your heart empty and ready to welcome the Child Jesus? Tonight at Midnight Mass He will fill the empty creche. He also comes to fill your heart. Will you welcome Him there? Today, in the midst of all your other preparations, remember to take time to prepare the most important thing: your heart. Take some s

A New Name

Sister Marysia Age: 21 years old From: Royalton, Minnesota Though I'm still getting used to the fact that my name changed on August 15th, when I was received into the Novitiate, in the months since then, I've been frequently reminded of God's providence in my receiving it. The Novitiate is, at its core, a lesson in love. What better patroness to look to in this ultimately lifelong journey than the woman who conceived Love Himself? Our Most Blessed Mother was completely open to the working of the Holy Spirit in her, especially at the Annunciation. She trusted in Gods' plan for her and, most importantly, in His love, humbly reflecting that love to the suffering of Calvary and beyond. In the beautiful vow of consecrated chastity, which we have begun to study in preparation for profession, we seek to grow ever closer to the heart of Christ and to offer ourselves completely to Him in love, as Mary did. "[Consecrated life] finds its identity in the call of the Lord, in f

Not Just Another Dollar at the Home

It was a cold January morning and I was tucked warm in my bed. I looked up at my clock when I heard the phone ring. It was 5:00 a.m. The next thing I remember is hearing my mother’s footsteps coming toward my bedroom. How many mornings did I remember this repeated scene in my life. “Marilyn, Sister M. Timothea is on the telephone and needs to speak to you.” My sister, Anita, in the other bed went under her covers and mumbled, “I am glad it is you this time and not me.” I pleaded with my mother, “Tell her I am sick, tell her I was out late last night and you cannot wake me up, tell her anything, but that I am not going to work today.” My mother, with her kind but serious voice, said, “It is your decision, but you must speak to Sister M. Timothea yourself.” I crawled out of my warm, safe bed and answered the telephone. “Hello, Sister M. Timothea . . . Yes, I was sleeping . . . Oh, it is not a problem for me to go in to work today. Thank-you. I will see you soon.” Before I hung up the pho

Weihnachtsmarkt '08

From preparations to grilling and frying to visiting and buying, Weihnachtsmarkt was a truly blessed night! What is Weihnachsmarkt? In Germany they have Christmas Markets and so we decided to have our very own here. We started the annual tradition in 1997. At the time Sr. Marie, originally from Germany, was in the Novitiate. The Novitiate (postulants and novices) prepare for Weihnactsmarkt! The Professed Sisters come - even driving from some of the other convents - to enjoy some food, 'buy' some gifts, and enjoy community! Of course Christmas Markets are not free! How do we pay to get in, eat some food and buy some crafts? With 'prayer marks' of course, all offered for the Novitiate! Included along with the purchases are several items for raffle! This year we had a baby blanket made by Sr. M. Petra, a quilt made by Sr. M. Judith, a nativity set, a homemade ginger bread house, a couple of baskets with goodies, and Mother's surprise! Much gratitude goes to the Noviti

A Convent Advent

As soon as the turkey is put in its tupperware containers on Thanksgiving Day, the world goes right into “Christmas mode.” Many families (including my own) put up the Christmas tree and make plans for the shopping spree directly after the feast. The wisdom of the Church gives us this holy season of advent to patiently and quietly prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ. It is a chance for us to slow down and calm ourselves interiorly so that our exterior will radiate with expectancy and not with Christmas lights and shiny new things. During the penitential seasons of Advent and Lent, the atmosphere of the convent is one of anticipation, hopefulness, conversion, and renewal. In order to better prepare our hearts for these holy seasons, we discuss beforehand as a community how we can physically, mentally, and spiritually take advantage of this time of grace. On Sundays of Advent and Lent, we keep silence until noon- this is to foster a prayerful spirit as we draw closer to Christ’s bi

Cleaning House

Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception! Do you know what we celebrate today? Sometimes people will respond with saying it is about Jesus, yet it is actually about Our Lady, Mary. Today we celebrate that she was conceived without sin! Imagine! It may be hard to grasp, but as it says in a prayer we pray: "O God, by foreseen merits of the death of Christ, You shielded Mary from all stain of sin and preserved the virgin Mother Immaculate at her conception..." The Lord prepared Mary to be the worthy mother of His Son, to carry Him in her womb - in purity! Pure. We can look to Mary as this example of purity. She can teach us how to prepare our hearts for the coming of her Son. This Advent is a time of preparation and a time of waiting. How are you preparing your heart? Well, how do you prepare for your family, friends and guests for Christmas? You probably clean your house! I don't imagine that you would host them in a dirty room to spend the night! You clean, you cook, you

Turkey Bowl '08!

It's better late than never! Do you have a family football game on Thanksgiving? Well we play Ultimate Football! The score of the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl turned out to be 12-9 with a win by the Novitiate/Final Professed Sisters! The Juniors were surprised by the defeat. You can check out the pictures on our website under "Happenings!"

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

It's Advent, the time to prepare the way for the Lord. In my mind, it always has the atmosphere of darkness and silence and lots of candles. It's a time of prayer and mystical music and preparation for the Lord... Until you see the halls being decked, hear the Christmas music blaring from every direction, are dazzled by lights and trim and "Seasons Greetings." You hear of wild shoppers and meet long lines in the stores. Everything seems to shout. And where is the Lord? It is easy to be distracted in this time of year, forgetful and busy, getting ready for the day -- and then we're so exhausted by the Feast of the Incarnation of God that we can only follow up the "Merry Christmas" with a heartfelt "Thank God it's over!" But that's not the spirit of the Advent Season. And it's not impossible to have Advent even in the midst of this wild world of ours. Advent is walking through the chaos with the quiet in our hearts; taking time fo