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Two Thousand and More Candles on the Cake

Two Thousand and more candles on the cake. It's time to celebrate. The birth of Jesus the Babe in the manger, With Mary and Joseph his father. No King nor Ruler was told. But Angeles sang to Shepherd's Who were watching their herds. Glory to God in the Highest The Savior is born! Make haste to Bethlehem this morn! Lowly did they find Him! In a manger did He lay! Where Ox and Ass did stay. Joseph stood by protecting! While Mary His mother beamed with joy Adoring her baby boy. So CELEBRATE with TWO THOUSAND CANDLES and more! For our Savior is knocking on the door! I'm coming! I'm  coming! Prepare for my coming! For my Birthday is coming on CHRISTMAS MORN! - by Sr. M. Jessica

Undeserved Grace: Mercy and Advent

Check out Sr. M. Xavier's reflections on Mercy and Advent! It is often said that God’s greatest attribute is mercy. In paragraph 277, The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that “God shows forth his almighty power by converting us from our sins and restoring us to his friendship by grace.” God’s readiness to forgive, even our greatest sins, was best displayed on the cross when Jesus cried out “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34). The Christian is one long journey of learning to receive the mercy God is constantly offering us. But what happens when your life seems too messy for His mercy to handle? That is when we can turn to the Saints for their help. A beautiful gift of God’s mercy is that when He brought you into relationship with Himself through baptism and made you a partaker of the Divine Nature, He gave you friends to help you on your journey to Christian maturity. Not only does He give you people in this life to help you resp

This is the Good News the prophets foretold...

  "This is the good news the prophets foretold:  The Savior will be born of the Virgin Mary." (Antiphon for Midmorning Prayer) The Gospel message is one for all seasons, but during Advent, it's ideal to meditate on it through the lens of the Incarnation.  Check out the latest FSGM contribution to the "Advent like Nun other."  #ShareJesus

'Tis the Season to Prepare the Way

Happy Second Sunday of Advent!  Today's #ShareJesus Advent Reflection video is presented by Sr. M. Karolyn.  Visit to sign up to receive a daily reflection during this season from different sisters from all over the U.S.  You can also follow Redeemed Online on Facebook , Twitter , or Youtube to view the videos.  There will be a couple more FSGM specials as part of the series.  Stay tuned!