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Christ Reigns!

Some of our Sisters volunteered at the National Catholic Youth Conference in Kansas City from November 19-21. How inspiring to be with 21,000 young people who are on fire for their faith. Check out some photos !

Happy Birthday to US!!!!

We don't look a day over 139, so we? But on Wednesday, November 25, we will be 140 years old as the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George. Those who took the time to respond to our poll on the right of this blog entry will be pleased to know that most of you were RIGHT. Our congregation was founded on November 25, 1869, by Mother M. Anselma Bopp. For some additional information about how we began as a religious family, check out our website. Here's the link to the history of our founding . Mother M. Anselma is awesome! A simple woman who loved God with all her heart and soul, whom God used to begin a worldwide congregation that has spread from Germany to the Netherlands, Japan, Indonesia, the United States, Brazil, Albania, Rome and Assisi. I doubt she would ever imagine the Lord would use her in such an amazing way: to make the merciful love of Christ visible in her Sisters' service! Please pray for all our Sisters throughout the world on November 25 and always!

Advice from a Postulant

To Women Discerning: The most important thing is to be open to Christ's will, and to know that He loves you with an abounding love! During your discernment process, it can be so hard to keep a clear, focused mind. There are times when you are so upset and frustrated because you want to know what your vocation is now, and you don't know what it is. There are also times when you are peaceful and happy because during your time of prayer with Christ, you have been drawn closer to Him. Place yourself in His loving arms and tell Him that you want to do His will. Give Christ the chance to tell you what He wants of you. Be patient with God and especially yourself. If you practice patience with yourself and put all your trust in Christ, He will put you on the right path towards your vocation. Making use of the Sacraments of Holy Mass and Reconciliation bring you closer to Christ in His loving embrace and strengthens you along the way. Going to Eucharistic Adoration is helpful too. Make

Be Still

As I walked down the path along the outdoor stations of the cross, the golden sun streamed softly through the trees and the colors of autumn lay across the ground in all the leaves. The still beauty around me reminded me of Elijah who went out to the mountain to wait for God. Elijah did not find God in the "wind", "earthquake", or "fire", but in the "tiny whispering sound". Yes, in the most unassuming way, God came, hidden yet known to Elijah. It is in the silences, the unassuming moments of everyday life, that I have discovered Christ. It is in these moments I have found my greatest treasures! As I entered my first year in the novitiate, I discovered far beyond my expectation the beauty of encountering God in silence. Living in a culture that lives on noisy technology, I did have some adjusting to do when I said goodbye to my cell phone, laptop, and listening to music at any given moment. However, I soon began to hear more than I ever heard befo