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LO V E            You’ve probably seen this on postage stamps or Valentine cards, but I think it’s based on a sculpture in Philadelphia.  The sculpture is the centerpiece of a public gathering area.  I once visited the site, and I was at once struck by the sheer amount of people who were gathered there.  It was a locus of activity, with people talking, laughing, playing, and overall, enjoying life.              I doubt that most of those gathered were Christian, and probably fewer still had an understanding of the new commandment, but yet they all wanted to gather at a sculpture that contains a word that is the foundation our faith: love.  It gave me hope that authentic love can still speak to our culture.  Whether it is the love of a husband for his wife, or of a mother for her children, or a consecrated woman for the world that she embraces in her vow of chastity, love has the capacity to communicate to another something of the beauty, nobility, and dignity of being human.