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Enjoy Sister M. Benedicta's Vocation Video Part III. When you give everything to the Lord, He cannot be outdone in generosity. Listen to the blessings Sister M. Benedicta has received in surrendering all to HIM.

Time for the Lord

Tis the season of summer schedules... Retreats, vacations and Sisters helping out all around the Province... In April one of the great excitements in our community is the reception of summer schedules. These are a masterpiece of choreography as each Sister receives time for her annual seven day retreat, her time for vacation, time for community days ... and her summer work. The convents where teaching is the sole apostolate close for the summer and the Sisters go forth to relieve others so that they may have a welcome break. Our Sisters help with summer religion programs and youth camps all over the country. Never a dull moment. It is a time to grow in our bonds of community as we visit and work with Sisters we've not seen for some time. It is a time to rest a bit, to renew one's heart and to gain the spiritual strength to go forth to serve the Lord. It's a time to practice abandonment (you never know where you may go, or with whom, or when). It's a time to pray mo

The Harvest is Great but Workers are Few...

It is the World Day of Prayer for Vocations . A day when we pause to recognize that there is much to be done in God's Vineyard, and few indeed to do it. It's not a call to work, although there is work. It's a call to give one's life to the Lord and to His people; a call to build up the kingdom of God in myriad ways. It's call to love; a call to pray. There is much to be done. A world in need of Christ. A world in need of mercy. A world wracked by war and poverty and ignorance - and, most sadly, a world where the Lord of all is forgotten. Love is not loved. St. Francis used to weep that God was not known, was not loved. Our world even more resolutely ignores Him and the price is paid by every one of us. Today is a day to pray for soldiers of Christ, for servants of God, for men and women on fire with the love of the Lord, willing to spill out their lives in His love, in His service. Is that your call?