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Return to the Heart

From Left: Sr. Teresa Maria, Sr. M. Gemma, Sr. Mary Francis, Sr. M. Lucy, Sr. Karol Marie, Sr. M. Caterina On June 1, six sisters began their preparation for final vows.  Their days are structured similarly to the way it was in initial formation with specific times for classes, working in the house, spiritual reading, and additional prayer.  In this way, they are returning to the heart of their formation.  So much of what is taking place this summer is also a return to the deepest part of their own hearts that have been drawn to say yes to Jesus through consecrated religious life.  Most importantly, especially in this month of June, it is a return to the Heart of Jesus, the fountain of life and holiness, from which flows every grace that is necessary to live this life faithfully FOREVER as they will profess on August 3.  Please pray for them during this time of preparation!