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Jesus I Trust in You

Trust! This is such an easy word to say, but for me it is a hard word to follow. My whole vocation has revolved around this one word. My name is Miranda Edgar. I am 19 years old and I grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I recently entered the convent after graduating high school in May. I was your normal teenager. I loved to hang out with my friends, listen to music, go to all the school games, text/talk on the phone, and go to church. I attended high school with over 800 students, but only 10 of them were Catholic. Therefore my friends weren’t attending Mass on Sunday and they weren’t going to the parish youth group to learn about the Catechism. Because I didn’t want to be different, I ran away from the Church and tried to find meaning in the world. I began to date my freshman year of high school, but no matter who I dated I always had this longing in my heart. I was never able to say, “I love you,” to any of them because of this hole that they couldn’t fill. I became very confused b

Simply Ready

To be “simply ready”- to be ready and willing to do whatever God calls us to do- is an often quoted saying of our foundress, Mother M. Anselma. I’ve experienced this to a small extent in the last six months as a Sister. As a canonical novice, I expected to be quietly working in housekeeping, the refectory (dining room), or somewhere else within the novitiate. Instead, I have found myself working in professed housekeeping, helping in the chapel, helping guests, and often doing other random things that need to be accomplished. Through these experiences, I’ve learned that part of being a Sister is to truly be “simply ready” to put aside whatever I had planned or thought I was going to be doing to answer God’s call through what the community and one’s superiors are asking me to do at that moment. The past six months I’ve been blessed to see Mother Anselma’s call to be “simply ready” lived out on the much broader scale of our world-wide community. I’ve seen many of our Sisters who are orig

Missioned to Cuba

On December 27th four of our Sisters left for the Motherhouse in Germany to prepare for a new mission.  A few weeks later on January 10, 2011 they were going to Cuba.  Sister Eva-Maria, Sister M. Wiltraud, Sister M. Philippa and Sister M. Seraphica have responded to God's call to bring His Merciful Love to the priests, seminarians and people of Cuba as they serve at the new seminary in Havana.  Please keep them in your prayers and check out more photos !