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Simply Ready

Simply ready to…go to confession, get transferred to a different apostolate, and …cantor for a funeral mass in …2 minutes. Whoever said that the life of a Sister wasn’t very exciting? We follow a rule of the day outlining what we will be doing, and yet we are told to be simply ready, because you never know what you will be doing next. Mother M. Anselma says “our special mission is to be simply ready in obedience to God’s call. One of the ways in which He lets us know His Will is to show us by the signs of the times what is needed in our service of Christ.” This past Friday, I received a chance to put this maxim in action. The music minister of the parish came barreling down the stairs into my music classroom looking for a cantor. The parish cantor didn’t show up for the funeral mass that starts in 2 minutes, and there’s no one to sing. “Sure, I’ll fill in.” By God’s grace, my morning was free as the 3rd and 4th graders were away on a field trip. There goes my planning period, but, oh w

Sister M. Benedicta's Vocation Story - Part I

Each one of us has a story to share: our life! Each one of us is on a journey. Some of you are discerning where the Lord is calling you on this journey. Listen to Sr. M. Benedicta as she shares how the Lord called her. Maybe you can relate! Be not afraid to respond with courage and generosity!

Will you walk with me?

On Easter morning, bright and very early, twenty-one young women stood up and said "Yes." It's an amazing moment. On Easter all of the faithful renew vows. We stand at the feet of the Risen Lord and proclaim yet again I renounce Satan, And all his works, And all his empty promises. And we proclaim that we believe in God. But these women took it one step further. They have decided that they want to radically live out their lives in fulfillment of those promises. They told the Lord that they want to walk with Him. He asks that question of each of us, in all of the circumstances of our lives: "Will you walk with me?" So what about you? Will you walk with Him? --submitted by Sister M. Luka

From the Novitiate

On Easter the Novitiate presented a drama and candle dance for the community. A candle dance is a tradition of our community. This recorded view is unique because you really can just see the candles. When viewing it live, one sees the Sisters as well. Enjoy!

For You

Remain with Jesus. Watch and pray. Accompany Him along the Way today. Be attentive to His gaze. He is condemned for you. He is scourged for you. He embraces the cross for you. He walks for you. He falls for you. He is accompanied by Simon for you. He receives love from Veronica for you. He sheds tears for you. He is stripped for you. He freely lays down His body on the cross for you. He is nailed for you. He hangs for you. He is poured out for you. He dies for you. He is pierced for you. He loves…

Women's Discernment Day

Women's Discernment Retreat - April 25, 2009 Come join us for a day of prayer and reflection, presented by the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George and the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, MI Who: Single Catholic Women, 18 years old and older Time: 10:30am - 3:30pm Where: Shrine of St. Therese of Lisieux, Collinsville, Oklahoma Cost: $5 donation to help defray cost; Lunch and refreshments provided. RSVP/Questions?: by April 15th to Sr. M. Monica, FSGM by phone at 918.446.9783 or by email at

What is your Response?

Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has issued his message for Vocation Prayer Day to be oberved on May 3rd: "Faith in the Divine Initiative -- the Human Response". Are you experiencing this call on your heart to surrender all to His love? to be His laborer in the vineyard? Let us all storm heaven for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life, for young men and women to generously say 'yes' to the Lord's invitation.

The Power of One Yes!

Where were you on April 2, 2005? Today is the fourth anniversary of Pope John Paul II's death. What an incredible witness he was of a man living for Christ! Have you ever pondered what one 'yes' can do? Have you ever thought about the effects of John Paul II's yes? It's quite amazing isn't it? I'm sure each of us has a story of how he affected our life. Why? It's because each of us encountered Christ's love in Pope John Paul II. He encouraged us to live for Christ and to not be afraid of following with our whole heart. Is Christ calling you to follow Him? What is holding you back from saying YES with your whole heart? Be not afraid. It takes courage to say yes, but you can make a difference too! Take a step of faith and of courage and say yes to the Lord! As we think about Pope John Paul II - here is one of his messages:

A Day in the Life

Meet Sister M. Mercedes! She is one of our junior professed Sisters who serves in the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas. She teaches religion and brings much joy to the students and staff at St. James Academy . You can read more about her story on the Archdiocese of Kansas City's website .