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Light in the Darkness

          Last weekend nearly twenty of our sisters came together in our nation’s capital from Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, and Washington D.C.   We were able to gather for lunch at the Nunciature and meet the new Nuncio, Archbishop ViganĂ² on Sunday. The following day, a group of us had the opportunity to attend the Youth Rally and Mass at the Verizon Center in which nearly 20,000 youth attended.   Prior to the beginning of Mass there was such a powerful energy and love that filled the arena.   During this time, witnesses were given in which the youth were challenged to extend their zeal for upholding the dignity of life.   They were challenged to do this not only by “saving the babies” but by also refraining from gossip, reaching out and showing love to those who have no one, and by witnessing to the truth of our faith in their relationships.   Following the witnesses, there was a time of praise and worship, in which I was particularly struck by one of t

Spiritual guides

As we journey through life the Lord uses people to lead us to Him.  Pope Benedict XVI comments on the role of spiritual guides in our life, especially in discerning God's call.  Others often help us "to recognize the voice of God and follow it."  Let us, like Samuel, respond with "Speak Lord, your servant is listening." 

When Loves Sees You

Each one of us has a story.  It is unique just to you, to me.  No one is a like.  My story, your story, is what makes you you.            What do you think Jesus sees when He looks at you?  What's the first thing that comes to mind?  Weakness? Sin?  Faults?  He doesn't want to look at me? And yet, HE IS GOD!  He loves you and created you.  Do you trust Him enough to let Him look at you?  Do you trust enough to let Him show you what He really sees?  To let go of what you think He sees?  Listen to this song and then take some time to be with Him.  He simply wants to be with you.  To love you.  To show you the beauty He sees in you.  Trust Him! Here are a few lines: When Love Sees You Tell me your story Show me your wounds And I'll show you what Love sees When Love looks at you Hand me the pieces Broken and bruised And I'll show what Love sees When Love looks at you .... now is the time to let Him show you...Love...True Love...Pure Love...His

Time Away with the Lord

Fear, Trust, Love.  What motivates you to respond to God's Will? This past weekend seven women joined us for our Veni Si Amas Retreat.  What a beautiful weekend of much grace!  Bishop Thomas John Paprocki joined us for Mass and lunch on Saturday to encourage and support these women in their discernment. It was a blessing to have his presence with us. Please keep all young women in your prayers as they seek God's Will!