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A Yes to God!

We are grateful for our Junior Professed Sisters who renewed their vows on April 11th.  Please keep them in your prayers!  


I am a firm believer that children say some of the most heartfelt prayers that I know. So, I asked my 1st grade class on Thursday to do me an extra special favor. I explained to them that 23 sisters would be renewing their vows on Sunday and I would be one of them. Could they pray for us at Mass? They gave me many heartfelt assurances that they would do so and then immediately a plethora of hands went up into the air. What exactly are these vows? Explaining the vows in a way that 7 year olds can understand is very tricky, but I did the best I could. The one that they really understand, however, is the one about poverty. I believe all of my questions had to do with this vow. “You don’t have any money?...Not one dollar?... Not one cent?” With small children it turns from the broad to the miniscule, “What about the mechanical pencils?” Question after question, with a statement of recognition thrown in about being married to God, until finally one of the biggest questioners raised her


Winter has been long!  The Novitiate enjoys the warmer weather.  Are you?  May you be attentive to the blessings of each day!