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Meet Sarah Lynne

My name is Sarah Lynne Gangl and I am from Brainerd , MN , which is located in north-central Minnesota . I am 24 years-old and have one older sister who is 29 years-old. I just graduated from North Dakota State University in May 2012 with a Doctorate of Pharmacy. After passing national and state exams this spring, I am now a licensed pharmacist in Illinois and Minnesota. I love being outdoors, whether it is time spent fishing, jogging, or just going for a walk. I also like to read and do crossword puzzles. I have a special devotion to St. Joseph , who has helped me in discerning my vocation. The first time I met the Sisters in 2010 I was greatly attracted to the joy and sisterly charity I witnessed. I am so happy now to be a part of this Franciscan community. I look forward to growing in love of our God with all of my sisters. For any young women who are discerning religious life, be patient with yourselves; God’s timing is perfect. If you stay open in prayer to His Will

A Mission of Love

" be open to receive the love which our Redeemer seeks to give to the world..."  Constitutions 105 These simple phrases sum up as best as possible my mission experience at Mater Redemptoris Convent and House of Formation in La Crosse, WI where our Sisters work with the Office of Vocations to help young women in their path of discernment.  One part of my apostolate there was going to various grade schools throughout the Diocese and introducing the idea of a Vocation to the students.  As I journeyed from school to school sharing with the children what the life of a Sister is like, answering their questions and helping them understand why someone would do this, I found myself always coming back to the same point, which incidentally is the foundation of our life. The Lord loves each of us infinitely and it is on account of this love that I am here, not because I want to be great or do great things, but because Love has gently drawn and beckoned me and I have said, &quo

Mission of Mercy

Hello everyone!  My name is Sister M. Caterina and I just returned from my mission as a 2 nd year novice in Champaign, IL.  I had the opportunity to live with three other Sisters there and work at St. Matthew’s grade school.  Primarily helping with kindergarten through fifth grade and teaching 6 th grade religion always brought ways for me to be “simply ready” like our foundress, Mother M. Anselma. I found that the love I experienced in prayer was to be brought to my Sisters, the students, and staff each day in whatever ways He was calling me to do that.  Jesus wanted me to bring them His Heart with His joy, mercy and compassion.  It was to be “simply ready” to share in their difficulties and sorrows, or their joys and good news.  Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and learning from the examples of the Saints, especially St. Faustina and St. Catherine, I learned how the gift of each day was one to be shared with merciful love united with the poor, chaste, obe

Gently Falling

The snow is gently falling down.  The view is definitely different than just a few hours ago!  A beautiful reminder during these days of Lent:  "Though your sins be as crimson red, they will become as white as snow."  Yes, Jesus does transform us in His Mercy.  Let it fall! Look closely - sledding can be done in a habit!

Christ's Vicars

“Pope Benedict has announced that he is resigning.” Mother M. Regina Pacis spoke these words on February 11, 2013 at 6:00 a.m. just before we started Holy Mass. These are the words that bolted me awake on a morning when I was severely struggling to stay awake during Morning Office and meditation.  I was completely shocked.  Of all the announcements I may have been expecting, this one was not on my radar. As my day continued, I started to process this shock and what it meant for the Church and for myself.  At the age of 27, I have only known two Popes within my life. The first is my patron, Pope John Paul II. The second is Pope Benedict XVI. Both of these men have had a profound impact on the world and within my own life. In 2002, at age 16, I traveled to Toronto for World Youth Day (WYD), Pope John Paul II’s last. I was a typical small-town, public-school teenager involved with sports, music, and academics. In between all of this I also crammed my faith in. I was aware of my loca