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Witnessing to Christ

This coming Tuesday, February 7th, KPLR Channel 11 News in St. Louis will feature a story on one of our Sisters on their 7pm news.  We invite you to watch this and if you do not get this station, you can watch it on their website at .  We thank God for the witness of religious life and the beauty of the life we live.  We pray this witness will touch the lives of those who view it. You can still view the segment on their website.

Christ Conquers

“Christ Conquers, Christ Reigns, Christ, Rules…Eternal Victor, Eternal King, Eternal Master…His power is an everlasting power that shall not be taken away.” While attending this year’s events marking the 39 th anniversary of the tragic Roe v. Wade decision, heavy on my heart was the more recent decision of the Department of Health and Human Services that requires employers to offer insurance coverage for services that we as Catholics hold to be intrinsically evil.   I learned of this decision just hours before departing for D.C. and I knew that it would bring an additional intensity to the March for Life. The experience of being in Washington, D.C. with so many others who come together to uphold the dignity of the human person is a source of strength and renewal, but decisions like the one handed down by the administration on January 20, so far-reaching, direct and hostile toward the common good and attacking our religious liberty can easily be a source of discouragement.   During my

Abandonment to Love

                God has given each of us a call to love and follow Him. Within that call lies the fullness of our lives and happiness; yet we tend to think our ways and paths are better. Too often we fail to trust God and miss out on experiencing the adventure God has planned for us because we choose our way over His.                 Part of my experience while on mission to Tulsa has been a continued learning of the lesson “to let go and let God.” Helping at both St. Catherine’s and Holy Family schools I’ve worked as a tutor, a substitute, an assistant, and the usual random assortment of jobs a “missioned” novice does. There have often been times when my thoughts ran to the theme of “You want me to do what?   I don’t have the skills for that.” Yet in these times I’ve come to learn the truth of our foundress Mother M. Anselma’s statement “obedience works miracles.” When I surrender and trust God to lead I find out much to my surprise and joy that it all works out and in fact is a bless