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How He Loves

St. Elizabeth convent is one of our houses directly in the path of Hurricane Irene. Funny, the name Irene means peace, but the winds and rain that she brought were far from peaceful. Although we do not live close to the shore, there were some concerns about tree and wind damage as well as flooding in the creek that runs through the backyard. With only one veteran hurricane survivor in residence, we weathered the storm prepared for the worst, with plenty of flashlights, batteries, candles, bottled water, and ice cream. Evening came and morning followed with minimal damage. We had power throughout the storm, but the priests at the retirement home where we serve lost electricity and had a flooded basement. We rescued them early in the morning with extra batteries and more importantly, a pot of coffee. They, in turn, and most importantly, celebrated Mass for us. This summer, one of the songs played throughout the Steubenville Mid-America Youth Conference was David Crowder Band’s “How He

Rooted in Christ

Pope Benedict XVI addresses young women religious at World Youth Day on August 20th.  May his words inspire us to remain rooted in the Word of God and to be His witnesses throughout the world.  May many more young women have courage to respond generously with their lives to give all to follow the One Who loves them so much.  Some quotes from the Holy Father:  It is not by accident that consecrated life is born from hearing the word of God and embracing the Gospel as its rule of life. In a world of relativism and mediocrity, we need that radicalism to which your consecration, as a way of belonging to the God who is loved above all things, bears witness. Dear Sisters, this is the witness of holiness to which God is calling you, as you follow Jesus Christ closely and unconditionally in consecration, communion and mission. The Church needs your youthful fidelity, rooted and built up in Christ. Thank you for your generous, total and perpetual "yes" to the call of the Loved On

Be fire!

As a new graduate, holding a Masters degree in Moral Theology, I am humbled, for “theologians have the responsibility of participating in the building up of Christ's Body in unity and truth.” What did Fr. Philip Lowe, PhD, say at our Graduation ceremony?              You were given a gift!              Go and bring what you have studied to              those who have not had the opportunity              you were given.              In other words, be fire! There is no lack for opportunity at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where I am currently assigned. I have been asked a wide range of questions: “Surely Joseph accompanied Mary on her journey to visit Elizabeth, didn’t he?”, “Did Mary have children after Jesus, since Joseph was still around?”, “Are we obligated to always follow our conscience? what if it is erroneous?”, “How are the internal and external forums addressed in the Sacrament of Confession?”, “How can Fr. Corapi just leave the priesthoo

We rejoice!

On August 15th our novices and postulants made their first profession of vows and were received into the community.  We rejoice in their yes to the Lord as they make this next step in religious life.  You can check out more pictures on our website. Please keep us in your prayers!