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Older and Wiser

So often in looking at our life, we look at the youngest among us - and that is a good thing. There is joy and energy, the excitement of the new beginning. That is the time nearest to those who are considering the life for the first time; those who are discerning God's call in their lives. But it is also a very good thing to look at those who have been around the block a few times. There is wisdom there, and light, and a joy that is deeper because it has been lived long term. Those who have given their lives to the community... Sister M. Stephanie Those who have served in hidden ways... Sister M. Dominica Those who have guided us for years... Mother M. Ingeborg with Sister M. Talitha Those who have loved much... Sister M. Wiltraud with Sister M. Benedicta Those who "rest" after years of service in the missions... Sister M. Henrietta with Sister M. Consolata

A Diamond and GoldenJubliee

On October 4th, the Solemnity of St. Francis, we celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Mother M. Ingeborg and the Golden Jubilee of Sister Ann Marie. We give thanks to the Lord for the gift of their consecrated lives and years of loving service to the Church. You can see more pictures from the day on our website. Please join us in praying for these Sisters!

The Magic of Ordinary Days

The longest season in the liturgical year is Ordinary Time. God's wisdom in the Church is seen in this most unremarkable fact. We can only become holy in ordinary time... In recreation... Sister Mary Jude and Sister M. Henrietta In prayer... Sister M. Chiara In community... Sister M. Mercedes and Sister M. Antonia In the daily work we are given... Sister M. Catherine Sister M. Wencesla Sister M. Luka Sister M. Chiara and Sister Marysia In all that we are and all that we do, by living in union with the Lord, striving to manifest His grace, we imperceptibly are changed. Life lived in Christ becomes holy - in ordinary time.