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It's Friday

On the way.  It's Friday.  When we think of Friday we usually rejoice that the weekend is here.  Relaxation is on the way!  What are we going to do?  Who will we spend time with and what will I do for me? But what does it mean to be living a life that is on the way to Christ?  Do we remember Him on Friday?  And what HE did for us, for me?  Do I think of what I can do today for Him instead of for myself? Each one of us longs for more and over a weekend there may be different ways we 'fill' this longing.  Many of them leave us yet more empty.  Only the ONE Who gave everything - His life poured out on the Cross - can fill and satisfy this longing with His love.  He will not leave us empty but remain with us. Let us begin the weekend with seeking Him.  Let us remain with Him on His way of the Cross which is our way as well.  In walking with Him we can encounter His love and be transformed from being selfish to generous.  Remaining with Him will bring us life and the true

Always with Us

Today I took a walk.  When is the last time your transportation was walking?  As I did so, I was walking into the wind.  It was a gentle, yet strong, wind.  It was very present throughout the entire time of the journey.  At times I was keenly aware of it and at other times not so much.  Isn't the wind interesting?  We cannot see it but we know it is there because we can feel it.  The wind reminded me of the presence of God today.  He is so present to me all the time, but sometimes I forget.  I want to know His presence and He is saying, "I am here" all the time!  Today was His direct reminder to me that He is with me, gentle yet strong.  I just need to be attentive and I will 'see' and know that He is with me.  I encourage you today to remember that Jesus who loves you so much, is always gently beckoning you to be aware that He is with you. "You travel on the wings of the wind."  Psalm 104:3


Traveling.  Do you like to travel?  Take vacation?  Visit different places?  I am sure each one of us has a story or two about travleing! One time I was driving with a Sister on our way to Philadelphia.  As we were traveling through the mountains we encountered a terrential downpour.  At one point, Sister said to me, "If you want to pull over, you can."  "Would you?"  "Yes!"  So I did.  We were sitting on the side of this mountain, next to other vehicles as well, watching the rain fall as we prayed the rosary.  After almost an hour with no relief we decided we better just try again to move forward.  So, we did!  And within a few minutes we were traveling in the clear as the rain lightened the sky was not as dark.  On the journey to a destination brings various encounters with sun, rain, traffic, detours, darkness and light.  It is very similar to the journey we are on to heaven, this pilgrimage of life.  This summer thirteen Sisters are preparing fo

Pray first

"Let your prayer drive your evangelization." Come Holy Spirit!  He is the source of all conversion and evangelizing.  He is the one who touches the hearts of His people through us.  This is why it is important to be rooted in Him in prayer before going out to evangelize. The mission of the Church is to evangelize.  We are living in an important time in history as we focus on the new evangelization.  First, we need to spend time with the Lord in prayer, interceding for those we will encounter before we even meet them.  It may sound simple - to pray - yet how often do we forget?  Today, go to Him bringing the people He will bring into your path.  Then be attentive and respond with courage to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.  Watch His work through you today!

Eating Brownies for Honor

Last night I witnessed virtue in action.  While here at FOCUS Training, I joined one of the women's college's (small groups) as they met last night.  They decided to bake brownies for their brother college.  First, I observed how the women were docile to each other and worked as a team to bake the brownies.  One of them gave directions and the others jumped in joyfully to do the various tasks.  In no time, the batter was in the oven baking away, giving off a delicious scent to all who walked through the cafeteria.  The men of the brother college joined us at the end to receive the gift made for them.  Smiles were brought to their faces as they realized they were being given a gift.  As we simply enjoyed the treat together, one of the women told me that even some of the men who were health conscious were eating them.  Earlier in the day we had heard a talk about "Honor".  I responded by saying, "They are receiving the gift by honoring us by eating it."