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A Giggle

            Have you ever considered what Jesus’ giggle sounded like? I mean think about it- as anyone who has spent much time with the Lord can attest- God has a sense of humor, therefore, the God-man must have had a giggle. It is a magical thing really- a giggle. I can remember when my brother was a baby and we would play peek-a-boo. Every time I would let the blanket float over his face and pull it back again, he would erupt in a glorious giggle that I am sure could soften the heart of even the toughest, meanest man in the world. As my brother got older the game changed, and I was now “Tickle Monster.” I would chase him around the house and when I caught him, I knew just the right spots to get all his giggles going. As a postulant working at our daycare, I witnessed the most beautiful expression of the value of a giggle. A little girl was not happy to say “good-bye” to Dad one morning, and after many attempts to get her mind off of her sorrow, we finally succeeded. As I was twirlin

How does He speak to you?

I love sunsets.  I always have.  Tonight I turned around and looked out my office window.  This is what I saw.  Now, a picture does not do it justice, especially one taken from behind the window.  So, I took a few shots.  Also, one that is close up.  It shows something a bit different. How does God speak to you?  Through the beauty of a sunset?  My response was, "Wow!  Glory to God!  Thank you!  It's beautiful."   It's His way of saying to me, "I'm here. This is for you.  My Heart beats for you." We are in day 4 of Week 1 of Advent.  How has it been for you?  Are you meeting Him in the silence?  Have you encountered Jesus?  Look around you.  Be attentive.  He is there, speaking to you. Even in a sunset.  How glorious a gift He gives!