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My name, Sister M. Veritas, was inspired by the Holy Spirit.  But everyone could probably say that, right?  Although, not all Sisters can say they are named after the Holy Spirit like I can.  "Veritas" means "Truth" and my name comes from the Spirit of Truth.  I really never even thought of this name at all, until my superiors suggested it to me.  Even though at first I didn't even know they were talking about my name, as soon as they said, "veritas", it rang true , as the saying goes, and I knew it was my name.  That's the truth - I just felt the Holy Spirit telling me that was my new name.  After that I just started thinking about how fitting this was.  I have always had a special devotion to the Holy Spirit and an instinct for the Truth, and since receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, I have had a passion for teaching others about the Truths of our faith, the sacraments and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  I have also taken "Sp


When praying about which name God had chosen for me, God focused my heart on the idea and commitment to doing His Holy Will.  I am honored that God has chosen my name to be Sister Mary Annuntiata to remind me of how I am to imitate Mary's Fiat.  She totally abandoned herself to God's Will in complete faith and love.  I yearn to deepen my commitment to Christ at every moment with my own faithful fiat to His Will.  Returning continually to the joy and hope of the Annunciation and the wonder of Love incarnate, I hope to surrender in humility to Christ.  The constant cry of my heart is that His Will be fulfilled in me and all of His children.

All in a Name

Our novices will be sharing about the meaning behind the new name they received on August 14, 2013.  Please continue to pray for them as they embrace the life Jesus has called them to live. My name is Sister Maria Christi.  It is a beautiful gift from Christ to share in His very Holy Name.  I once heard someone describe their prayer as "I gaze upon the Lord and He gazes upon me." My gaze and heart center on Christ Crucified and the Eucharist, a Source of everlasting life.  At all times in sorrow and joy, I gain strength from our Lord who gave and who gives so abundantly and generously.  He calls each of us to love Him and to follow Him as He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  I only pray that I can stand at the foot of the Crucified from whom the living water and Blood stream in love, for love and with love for all of us.

How Do You Know?

It is a very common question. How do you know? How do you know God's Will? Am I called to religious life or to marriage? How do you know which community? There may be various answers to the question.  The most frustrating one is "you'll just know". When making a serious decision we want certainty.  We do not want to move forward with doubt.  "What ifs" fill our mind.  Perhaps there is fear.  Yet, Jesus calls us to live in faith.  We will not know 100% for sure that this is His will.  We will "know" when we experience peace.  In His Will there is peace.  However, it does not mean we will not have fear or questions.  A temptation is to let fear of making the right decision paralyze us from actually making a step.  Jesus asks us to trust Him.  "Be not afraid," He tells us! When we encounter Love Himself, then we will know His voice and hear His invitation.  Then respond.  Jesus waits.  What are you waiting for?  Certainty?!  Then you