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Why I love October 11

What looks ironic in the eyes of the world is providence in the heart of the believer.   As I began to grow in my faith, I made friends whose families celebrated things like feastdays and baptismal anniversaries even more than birthdays and Halloween.   While that was not my experience as a child, I thought I would begin those practices and looked back to find out my baptismal date. I had hypothesized that since I was born in the first week of September, it would be reasonable to estimate that I was baptized on the first Sunday in October.   In 1981, that was October 4, the feast of St. Francis.   I thought about how providential that would be in light of my love of Franciscan spirituality and hoped it would be true. Much to my chagrin, I learned that I was baptized on October 11.   What was so great about October 11?   At that point in time, I could not even find a feastday celebrated on that date.   I felt a bit cheated and probably pouted, but God laughed.   There is a lot

Sarah Marie says hello

           The Peace of Christ be with you all! My name is Sarah Marie Schulze, I hail from Anna , Ohio . I have an older brother named James and a younger sister named Sami. I have a wonderful father and mother named Mark and Jill. We have two dogs, Daisy and Chloe and four cats: Holly, Cheetah, Honey, and my favorite Boga (Swahili for pumpkin). Together we all make up our little Schulze clan.             I have always loved to play any sport and do anything outdoors. Some of my favorite things to do are play basketball, go hiking and play my guitar. I also love to just hang out with friends and family, and of course I never get tired of being before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.             This past year I spent time living and serving in St Louis , Missouri . I was part of a group called the Vincentian Service Corps. During my time there, I lived in community with three other young women and served at an inner city Catholic school as an aid to the office staff and

Meet Katrina!

Hello!   I am Katrina Delaney and I am so grateful to have joined the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George as a Postulant this September.   My family is from Buffalo , New York , with all of the snow.   I have an older brother, Tim, married to Sasha and they had their first daughter Emily this past February.   My younger sister, Lizzy, has graduated college and is living with my mom.   Some of my favorite saints that journey with me and guide me to Christ are St. Anthony of Padua , St. John Bosco, St. Therese of Lisieux, and St. Dominic Savio.   Although volunteering with kids at any age group is a favorite, I also enjoy many activities like making rosaries, skiing, horseback riding, reading, and writing. I love being in nature and taking hikes. This past year I was very involved in my parish with Family Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, and many other projects.   I am really drawn to the joy and love of Christ that the Sisters share with everyone around them.   I am really

Veni Si Amas

  Twenty four women joined us at St. Francis Convent for our Veni Si Amas Fall Retreat.  They traveled from across the country by themselves and with our Sisters.  They came seeking His Will and to encounter His Love.  "Veni Si Amas" means Come if You Love.  Yes, they received His love and heard His voice.  Let us continue to pray for them as they follow His path.  You can see more pictures on our website.