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Love's Pursuit

I was not quite three years of age when my parents and I left our native Korea and immigrated to Canada.  Within just a few weeks of being in our new country, we had a frightening experience.  My father and I were separated while running an errand in downtown Toronto, and I found myself completely lost in a strange place.  However, the story ended happily - it included a ride home in a police car with a popsicle in my hand! Much later I learned from my mother that a wedding had been celebrated on the same day in our neighborhood parish.  Apparently, when those good people gathered for the occasion heard that I was missing, they scoured the neighborhood looking for me!  Even the members of the wedding party were on the streets searching for a little girl who knew only her name. The beginning of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy coincides with Advent.  Pope Francis has prayed that all who approach the ministers of Holy Church might feel themselves to be "sought after,