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Fortnight for Freedom, Forefathers, and Father Felix

For almost a full fornight, Catholics across the United States have been in solidarity praying and fasting for the intention of Religious Liberty.    Last week, I was assigned to a summer program in Rapid City, South Dakota which afforded me the chance to once again visit Mount Rushmore.   I had seen the monument two years ago, but during this visit, there was more time to take in the museum and hike the ‘Presidential Trail.’   As I took it all in, I could not help but think of the special significance of visiting this great monument during the Fortnight for Freedom and my time there became less a tourist moment and more of a pilgrimage.   I felt the Holy Spirit moving my heart to intercede for each state individually as I passed by its respective flag and in a particular way, to pray for a return to the spirit of liberty and justice which was so alive in the hearts of our forefathers. The very reason that sculptor Gutzom Borglum chose Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln