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“The Lord wants the whole, undivided heart.  And only those who are resolved to give it to Him and to stay with Him for life are allowed to dare to wear the dress, the holy bridal dress of faithfulness.  Only those, however, have a right to the joy of living near Him.  Give everything, dear Sisters, without any reservation, just as the Lord on that first Christmas gave everything for you.  Because it is sure that He already then gave His heavenly Father His life for mankind.  Now offer Him yours.  Lay it as a sacrifice in the crib!  You will see how royally, no how divinely, He will repay you.”  Our foundress, Mother M. Anselma, before a secret Reception ceremony, Midnight Mass, 1877

The Incarnation

“the Crib …”       Mention the short phrase, “the crib, the cross, and the Holy Eucharist” to any of our Sisters, and recognition of the patroness of our province, St. Elizabeth of Hungary would be almost immediate.  These words sum up the beautiful spirituality of this 13 th century witness of following St. Francis.  The young princess saw in the poor and sick the crucified Christ.  She venerated Jesus’ humanity in all she served by giving away most everything she owned for their good.  After her husband died, she used her dowry to build and work in a hospital for those most in need.  By example, she showed to all that “man cannot live by bread alone.”  St. Elizabeth, pray for us!