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Gratitude for 60 Years

This coming May 12th will be a big day at St. Francis Convent!  We will be celebrating the Diamond Jubiliee, that is, 60 years of religious profession, of our Sister M. Wencesla.  You can read more in an article in the Alton Telegraph . Thank you Lord for the gift of her life and her service to the Church!  She is an inspiring example to each of us of prayer, joy and fidelity. Please pray for her.  We will celebrate with a Jubilee Mass at 9am and a reception from 3-5pm at St. Francis Convent. 

Are You Called?

Do you ever fear hearing the voice of God?  We all want the answer to a question yet when it comes time to listen for it, sometimes we distract ourselves because of fear of what it just might be!  This is true for many who want to know God's Will when discerning a vocation.  This past Sunday was World Day of Prayer for Vocations.  Here is a quote from Pope Benedict XVI: Today’s World Day of Prayer for Vocations is dedicated to this purpose. In fact, the Lord always calls but often we do not hear him. We are distracted by many things, by other more superficial voices; and then we fear hearing the Lord’s voice, because we think that it could take away our freedom. In reality, each of us is the fruit of love: certainly the love of our parents, but, more profoundly, the love of God. The Bible says: if even your mother does not want you, I want you, for I know you and love you (cf. 49:15). In the moment that I realize this, my life changes: it becomes a response to this love, great