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A Day to Rejoice!

In gratitude, we rejoice with Sister M. Gemma and Sister M. Immanuela as they made their first profession of vows on August 14, 2014.   We are also grateful for the reception of Sister M. Pieta and Sister Maria Teresita into the Novitiate.  Please keep them in your prayers!  You can see more pictures from the day!

Into the Silence

Have you ever taken time to be silent?  For some this can be a scary thought.  Do you find you have to "fill" the silent moments in your day?  Many times the radio is on in the car or the TV at home.  Perhaps you have experienced those awkward moments in a conversation when it is quiet and there is nothing to say. In the spiritual life silence is necessary.  It is when we quiet the exterior then we can listen to the interior.  Sometimes the interior is "noisy" too, yet now we can face what is going on within our hearts.  We learn to recognize the voice of the One who loves:  Jesus. On the evening of August 3rd our postulants and novices entered into silence.  They began their ten day retreat in preparation for reception and first profession of vows.  We pray they encounter the love of the Father as He calls them deeper into the Heart of His Son in the power of the Holy Spirit.  We are grateful for their yes to following Jesus' call.  Please keep them in