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It’s the Little Things

It’s a constant revelation to me how life in the convent and life, consequently, is about the little things. Sunday, was the feast of Pentecost as well as the feast of the Visitation. Although the Visitation was trumped by the Holy Spirit, I don’t think that Mary minded being overshadowed by her spouse. It was also eight of our Sisters’ nameday. We take our names after Saints, Mary, Christ, and the Holy Spirit to name a few. Sunday was the nameday of Sr. Mary Grace, Sr. M. Hannah, Sr. M. Elise, Sr. Mariela, Sr. Mary Elizabeth, and Sr. Marianna (for the Visitation), as well as Sr. M. Consolata and Sr. M. Renata (for the Holy Spirit). Namedays are usually comprised of a special petition at Mass, greetings, Nameday songs (sung to the tune of Happy Birthday – Is it still copyrighted if you change birthday to nameday?), and many little gifts found in their room. It’s amazing what little things can mean. Sr. M. Elise’s room was filled with…an art gallery of her Sisters’ finest work. Imagin